What is the Healthy Homes Initiative (HHI)?

In 2013 the first Healthy Homes Initiative was established in Auckland as part of the Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme (RFPP), with a focus on reducing household crowding. In 2015 the HHI programme was expanded to other high incidence rheumatic fever district health board (DHB) regions, and in 2016 the focus was broadened to include 0-5-year-old children. The aim of the Healthy Homes Initiative is to increase the number of children and their whānau/aiga living in warm, dry, and healthy homes and consequently to enhance their health and wellbeing i.e., by reducing the number of housing-related hospitalisations. The Healthy Homes Initiatives are referral, brokering and navigation services that coordinate interventions for eligible families, to reduce functional and structural household crowding and make homes warmer, drier, and healthier.

Refer yourself or a whānau

to your local HHI team to receive support to make your whare warmer and drier.

The Healthy Homes Initiative take a comprehensive approach to housing, looking at the house, who is living in it and how they live in the house.

Improving how people live in the house (including affordability)

  • Warmer drier homes

  • Creating space between sleeping children

Clarifying the needs of those who live in the house

  • Identifying needs of multiple families

  • On-referrals

Improving the things in the house

  • Curtains and curtain rails 

  • Floor coverings

  • Heating source

  • Beds and bedding

Getting another house if required

  • Own home

  • Suitable private rental

  • Social housing

  • Temporary accommodation

Improving the quality of the house

  • Repairs

  • Insulation (ceiling and underfloor)

  • Mechanical ventilation