HHI in Action

These stories are a beautiful depiction of a whānau journey. For most journeys, we have been intentional in maintaining the fundamental aspects of whānau daily experiences and struggles. We want to provide you with the opportunity for a genuine look inside the whare of some incredible New Zealanders.

These whānau journeys have been collected, with permission, from different HHI providers across the motu. Due to this, each journey has been uniquely written by different kaimahi, and goes into varying amounts of detail about the whānau themselves and the way we journey alongside them. Please enjoy meandering through our collection of experiences that we have been privileged to be a part of.

The intention of this space is to continue to add to the collection of whānau journeys to provide a well-rounded look into the housing situation in Aotearoa, and the different ways the HHI service alleviates some stresses that this situation causes. All names and locations have been changed or removed for anonymity.